Ajara Design Studio, along with their team of specialized designers, provides interior design services for residential and commercial spaces. We design and look after the execution as if we are designing and are going to use it for ourselves. We design Bungalows, Apartments, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Exhibition Setups, etc.



The team of designers working with us create original designs that follow the regressive process of picking a concept or idea, brain storming on it, sketching to explore the best design option, and then finalising to produce creative furniture designs. In addition to creative furniture design, Ajara Design Studio specialises in customising furniture to meet the needs of the client.We also provide alterations of designs showcased on the website to suit your needs, taste, and style.



Creatives for a changing world
The speed at which the world is evolving demands a creative network that can help your idea, your business and your goals thrive in a competitive and noisy environment.
We are a creative and digital company with an innovative mindset that empowers global communications and experiences, from strategy and design to innovation in our ever-changing digital world.

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